Reader’s Report

Available for publication: S.L. Stebel’s WWII epic Rising Star, Setting Sun


From the reader’s report by Patricia A.S. Hernandez:

“When a scant generation before World War II the Japanese offered Zionist Jews Manchuria as a homeland, this little known event set in motion a series of surprising political allegiances and personal decisions which, when all seemed lost, changed the course of the war and brought the U.S. and its Allies a hard won victory.

“Meticulously researched and compellingly written, this page-turning thriller is told through the eyes of three couples whose lives intersect. As passionate about their beliefs as they are about each other, they are: Aaron Elder, Palestinian born Jew and fighter for the new nation’s independence, meets and falls for Maria, a Spanish Marquesa and dedicated Loyalist; Kenzu Turu, member of a Japanese merchant family secretly converted to Judaism, later a cryptographer for the Japanese Naval High Command, who rescues Sonja, Jewish kidnapping victim of Manchu bandits; Princetonian Scott Galvin, young American naval officer destined to play a key role  in the pivotal Battle of Midway; and Susan Scheur, avid supporter of the ill-fated Spanish Lincoln Brigade.”

S.L. Stebel has had six thrillers published, including The Collaborator (Random House, reprinted: Bantam), and The Vorovich Affair (Viking, reprint: Penguin greenback.) A veteran of five seaborne combat landings in the Pacific during World War II, he was on an attack transport sailing for the invasion of Japan in August, 1945, when the Atomic bomb was dropped. His maternal grandfather was Secretary to Herzl, founder of  Zionism. He is a founding workshop leader at the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference and a former lecturer and Writer in Residence in the Masters of Professional Writing program at the University of Southern California.


To request a copy of the full manuscript, contact:

Michael Congdon
Don Congdon Associates, Inc.
110 William Street, Suite 2202
New York, NY 10038

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