Double Your Creative Power

Double Your Creative Power by S.L. Stebel

Double Your Creative Power by S.L. Stebel

Everything you always wanted to know about writing but were afraid to ask!
by S.L. Stebel
Allen A. Knoll Publishers
Hardback ISBN: 1-888310-20-0
Digital edition ISBN: 978-1-888310-29-0
$9.99 (Amazon Kindle)

Encompassing both the art and craft of fiction, DOUBLE YOUR CREATIVE POWER! is a concise but encyclopedic reference containing a complete rundown of effective approaches and techniques Stebel has developed for writing novels, plays, and screenplays during his own successful, multi-faceted career. Stebel’s unconventional approach brings objective standards, timeless in all cultures, to bear upon subjective views, thus eliminating guesswork among both writers and readers, as well as critics and reviewers, as to why a piece of fiction works, or does not work. Stebel demystifies the process of successful story-telling and eliminates the “fear of writing” in a practical application of “new age” techniques that guarantees success for everyone who has dreams of writing a book or film. It is Stebel’s conviction that “writer’s block” doesn’t exist and he proves it through simple but thought-provoking exercises, the sum of which gives the open-minded writer a significant head-start while delving into his or her own subconscious as a literal treasure-trove of ideas. Used in the writing programs at USC, NYU and Princeton. Available at your local bookstore or from Allen A. Knoll Publishers.


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