The Boss's Wife by S.L. Stebel

The Boss’s Wife (novel)

The Boss’s Wife
Hardback publisher: Walker & Co., NY
Kindle edition ISBN: 978-0-9895127-3-2
A young computer nerd meets his match in an older woman with mysterious intentions and sex appeal to spare. An antic thrill ride peopled with high rollers and lowlifes against the iconic  backdrop of L.A.
“A classic roman noir, brilliantly imagined.” Roderick Thorp, author of Die Hard…“A tangle of sex, computer shenanigans, and a measure of murder that teases, tantalizes and titillates. Every surprise surprised me.” David Westheimer, author of Von Ryan’s Express….”S.L. Stebel is a rich and elegant stylist, tough and tender, wise and erudite, who writes in the classic tradition of the best American crime novels. MacDonald Harris, author of Hemingway’s Suitcase

The Collaborator by S.L. Stebel

The Collaborator (novel)

The Collaborator
Hardback publisher: Random House, NY
Kindle edition ISBN: 978-0-9895127-0-1
Audio book version on
In the aftermath of WWII, an Israeli official is accused of having conspired with the Nazis. How will he defend himself when his memory of those dark days has deserted him?

“Brilliant – imaginative, fast-paced, excellent all-round, written with style and substance – if I had but one book to give to those on both sides of hate-filled conflicts this would be that book!” Ray Bradbury, Psychology Today…. “A superb suspense story…a serious novel of genuine interest,” L.A. Times Book Review….“Shattering…an excellent and solid thriller.” San Francisco Chronicle…. “Compelling-both surprising and frightening.” Publishers Weekly…. “Stunning, a genuine spellbinder.” Hollywood Reporter…. “Shock ending…a tour de force that will leave readers gasping.” Cleveland Press

Spring Thaw (novel)

Spring Thaw (novel)

Spring Thaw
Hardback publisher: Walker & Co., NY
Kindle version ISBN: 978-0-9895127-2-5

Young Jason Melman is eager to prove himself worthy when he takes over his father’s sealing ship. Leading a doomed hunt in the icy north, encounters a beautiful, ethereal woman who seems to exist to protect the seals. But what does she have in mind for him?
“An electrifying adventure fantasy…Impossible to put down,” Publishers Weekly…. “Whirls into a magical morality tale about brutality of the flesh and the spirit.” Digby Diehl in Playboy…. “A risky book that questions accepted definitions of reality . . . its fable-like tale of love, betrayal and redemption echoes with conviction.” Lawrence Thornton, Imagining Argentina.

The Vorovich Affair

The Vorovich Affair (novel)

The Vorovich Affair
Hardback publisher: Viking, paperback publisher: NY Penguin (Reprint)
Kindle version ISBN: 978-0-9895127-1-8
Burned-out DEA agent Timothy Vorovic, strikes out on his own to solve the case of a border drug bust gone bad. Traveling from San Francisco to Turkey with a lovely young flower child as his guide, is he after the truth? Or has he finally succumbed to the lure of easy money?
“A chilling tale, a fast-moving story, a very frightening lesson.” London Daily Mail

The Shoe Leather Treatment

The Shoe Leather Treatment (non-fiction/ biography)

The Shoe Leather Treatment
Hardback publisher: Tarcher/St. Martins, NY
ISBN: 0874771269

This biography of escaped mental patient Bill Thomas tells the a true life crime story of a man with a clear cut goal — to escape from a living hell, and a mission — to reveal to the world the terrors of such confinement. Not for the faint of heart.

Double Your Creative Power (reference)

Double Your Creative Power (reference)

Double Your Creative Power
Hardback Publisher: Allen A. Knoll
ISBN: 1-888310-20-0
Kindle edition ISBN: 978-1-888310-29-0
Double Your Creative Power REV (Kindle Location 18).
Everything you always wanted to know about writing but were afraid to ask. An indispensable reference for writers of all kinds. “Sid Stebel is the best writing teacher that ever was!” Ray Bradbury

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